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Angels Serenade - B001JCDVWW

Like a number of other inspired musical collaborations, this album was born in Woodstock, New York. It began when Florida bluesman, Tommy McCoy, pitched an idea to his brother, songwriter and musician Gary McCoy. Gary quickly got his partner, Doug Thomas on board, and hit the phone, placing calls to Levon Helm and Garth Hudson in Woodstock to set the stage.
The line-up grew to include pianist George Tricomi, bassists Mark McCoy and Peter Bennett, and guitarist Jimmy Bennett. The players met in Levon Helm's studio, affectionately known as The Barn, with the lofty objective of laying down some tracks and continuing the long tradition of great music created there.
When you call a meeting with Levon Helm and Garth Hudson, legendary Bob Dylan acolytes, members of The Band and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you had better be ready, so the team came to the table with their musical skills and rock sensibilities honed over decades of dues paying and experience.
The Angels Serenade sessions mostly highlight the songs of Tommy McCoy, but also include material by Ray Charles, Lowell George (Little Feat) and Gram Parsons & Chris Etheridge (Flying Burrito Bros.). The music and comradeship resulted in what Levon Helm pronounced, "A satchel full of good tunes."

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